The Best Paid Survey Site We’ve Found: Earn up to $250 a Month

There are a lot of survey scams out there that promise to pay lots but end up never paying a penny. For a while I myself thought that paid survey sites were all scams, until a friend told me about SwagBucks. In the month of taking surveys, I made over $200!

Making money through surveys

Surveys are just one of the ways of making money one the site. Only about 50% of my paycheck was made from doing surveys. Surveys take anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. You can see below an example of how much you get paid in SB(1 SB is equal to 1 cent, so 100 SB is $1). While most don’t pay a lot, its relatively easy money. Often times there are surveys for 5 minutes worth upwards of $1. You’ll make somewhere around $5 an hour doing these.


Special offers(discover)

After doing a lot of surveys at first, I started to shift towards this section of the website which offers way larger payouts. All you do is sign up for some free trial, get paid somewhere from 5-10 bucks and cancel it. A lot of these offers require purchase, which I avoid. You can do these if you genuinely have an interest in the product. Doing these you can easily make $10-15 an hour.


Other ways to Earn 

There are other ways of earning money like getting cashback when shopping, watching videos, searching through their search engine, or playing games. All are really great and help diversify your work so you don’t have to do the same thing over and over, but just remember that they don’t pay as well.

getting paid for watching videos


Payment is done through Paypal or through gift cards. Payment is easy and quick. There are also sweepstakes you can enter if you feel lucky. Anyways, Swagbucks is legitimate and will pay, unlike other sites. Its one of largest survey sites on the web and wouldn’t scam you.

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  1. Awesome post. Thank you for sharing your experiences for us to learn from. Most people consider Swagbucks the best way to earn based on the multiple ways your able to earn some money. They even give people that $10 sign on bonus which is pretty awesome.


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