Top 10 Richest Lawyers 2018

You may think that all lawyers are rich especially after reading this list, but in reality, lawyers only make $115,820. It might seem like a lot, but considering how expensive some lawyers are, this number is quite low. The salary of a profession in law is widespread. On one side there are lawyers who make very little, and on the other side of the spectrum are these guys. This list contains the wealthiest lawyers of 2018. Enjoy!

#10: Robert Shapiro- $50 million

Robert Shapiro

Type:Defense /civil litigation

Famous for representing OJ Simpson, Robert Shapiro is one of today’s most well known lawyers. He’s also represented clients like Steve Wynn, Eva Longoria,  Johnny Carson, Christian Brando, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Linda Lovelace, and the Kardashians. He’s also a co-founder of  LegalZoom.

#9: Jane Wanjiru Michuki- $60 million

Image result for Jane Wanjiru Michuki

Type: Corporate law

Kenyan lawyer who is the managing partner at Kimani & Michuki Advocates(clients include Equity Group Holdings Limited, the largest bank holding company on the African continent). She’s in fact one of the wealthiest people in kenya.

#8: Roy Black- $100 million

Image result for Roy Black lawyer

Type: Defense trial attorney

Famous for the acquittal of William Kennedy Smith on charge of rape in 1991. He’s known for representing celebrities like Kelsey Grammer, racer Hélio Castroneves, Joe Francis, artist Peter Max, Jeffrey Epstein, and Justin Bieber.

#7:Willie E. Gary-$100 million

Image result for Willie E. Gary

Type: Corporate litigation

Takes on some of the biggest corporation in america. He’s won lawsuits against companies like Disneyland and Anheuser-Busch. he’s won several cases valuing $30 billion in total. In 1999 he founded Black Family Channel. He has two aircraft named the  “Wings of Justice” and the “Wings of Justice II.” He also has several cars including two Rolls Royces.

#6: Judy Sheindlin-$150-250 million

Image result for Judy Sheindlin

Type: Prosecution lawyer/ judge

The Tv judge that we all know. She makes 47 million a year from her television show “Judge Judy.”

#5:Bill Neukom-$850 million


Type: Corporate attorney

Former managing partner of the Giants. President of the American Bar Association in 2007–08. Principal legal counsel for Microsoft for about 25 years. Now he is the founder and CEO of the World Justice Project(promotes rule of law around the world).

#4:William Lerach- $900 million

Image result for William Lerach

Type: Corporate lawyer

Known as the “King of Pain”, Lerach was known as one of the most feared lawyers in the world. He’s most famous for obtaining $7.2 billion as the lead plaintiff’s attorney against Enron. Its the largest sum ever recovered in a group of securities class-action lawsuits in U.S. history.

#3:Wichai Thongtang- $1.1 billion

Image result for Wichai Thongtang

Type: Corporate law

The wealthiest Thai lawyers with an amazing wealth of 1.1 billion dollars. He represented a lot of the top corporations in Thailand. His wealth comes from his investments. He owns 15% of Dusit Medical and is the Chairman of Cable Thai Holding PLC.

#2: Joe Jamail-$1.7 billion

Image result for Joe Jamail

Type: Corporate lawyer

While he did pass away at the age of 90 in 2015, he still makes this list because of his great legacy, and the fact that he was the wealthiest lawyer in america at the time of his death.  He made most of his wealth in a lawsuit in 1985 representing Pennzoil against its rival Texaco. His contingency fee was $335!

#1:Richard Scruggs- $1.7 billion

Image result for Richard Scruggs

Type: corporate litigation

Known for suing the asbestos industry on behalf of ill shipyard workers where he represented 4200 direct clients and served as co-counsel to another 6000. He hired by Mississippi Attorney General Mike Moore to sue tobacco companies, which he did successfully for over $248 billion of which  $900 million went to him. He also became the spokesman for the Ritalin class action lawsuits.In 2003 he won in a lawsuit against the  Lehman Brothers for $51 million. Overall, he is one of the most successful lawyers in history.


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