Top 5 Rare Historical Photos You Won’t Believe Exist

Photos capture a moment in time and keep that moment forever. Some photos are so amazing that you just couldn’t believe they existed. Here are some of the top rarest historical photos you wouldn’t believe existed!


#5: Satellite on bullock cart

India’s first satellite(The APPLE) was transported on bullock cart in 1981. The fact that such one of the most state of the art and technological pieces of equipment was transported by ox, is stunning

#4:  lynching of Big Mary, a circus elephant

After killing her trainer in 1916, the 5 ton elephant was put to death by lynching. This sad death shows us how horrible some animals were treated in circuses of the early 20th century.

#3: American and Soviet soldiers together

Despite most of us growing up thinking the Soviet union and Russia were our enemies, we were actually allies with them in World War 2. This rare photo showed a friendship between soldiers when they united in Germany.

#2: Filming of the MGM opening credits (1928)

We all know the MGM opening credit where the lion roars, but did you know that the first opening was footage of a real lion. And here’s the proof:

#1: The first photo ever taken, ever

We’ve all seen old photos, but have you ever seen the photo where it all began? Yep, this is perhaps the the earliest photo ever taken, taken between 1826 or 1827. Its is known as the “Window at Le Gras”

I Hope that you’ve enjoyed this list of the top rare historical photos you won’t believe exist. If you’ve enjoyed reading this, go check out more interesting articles on our website! 🙂


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  1. Which picture was first then? The picture of the window or the picture of the camera taking the picture of the camera taking the picture?


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