Making Thousands Trading Stock

There are thousands of people who’ve turned a few thousand dollars into millions of dollars. But with some stock brokers requiring thousands of dollars or charging up to $10 a trade its almost impossible to get into with little money. Luckily this stock broker charges no fees and has no minimum investment. In fact I started with only $100 and turned it into $1000. Click here to receive one free stock valued between $4 and $500

Unluckily when I signed up, I didn’t use a referral link and I didn’t get a free stock (:

Robin hood can be used on both the computer and phone. It has almost instant transactions and is great at tracking your performance.

Image result for robinhood trading

The only downside to the app is that it doesn’t have interactive charts. For this I use which is free and amazing.

Simply learn your charts and start trading. Robinhood really is the only option for those who only want to use a small amount of money like $100 to trade. Learn and grow your account and start making money!


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