Idi Amin: Unknown Dictator that Killed 300,000 Civilians

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The story of Idi Amin starts from fall of English rule over Uganda that had lasted over 70 years.  On October 9, 1962 Milton Obote became the nation’s first prime minister shortly after declaring Uganda Independence.  Amin and Obote were in an alliance, where Amin helped increase the military strength of the nation. In February 1966, Obote suspended the constitution and sent Amin to dethrone King Mutesa II(ruler of Buganda which was south of Uganda). After a couple years Obote grew untrusting of Amin, and ordered for his arrest. As a result Amin staged a coup on January 25, 1971 and gained control over the nation. He became “His Excellency President for Life, Field Marshal Alhaji Dr. Idi Amin Dada, VC, DSO, MC, CBE.”

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Upon becoming the dictator of Uganda, he set out lay the foundation of his regime. He first massacred the christian tribes Acholi and Lango, who had been loyal to Obote. He created the State Research Bureau which headquarters was where thousands would be tortured and or executed. He created a military police that would kill anyone un-loyal to his regime. Like other dictators in history, he was pretty racist too. He put people of his own ethnicity(Kakwas) and of his own religion(Islam) into positions of power. Despite the Muslim population of Uganda being only 5%, up to 87.5% of his cabinet were Muslim. He also took and expelled the Asian and European population from the nation. Roughly 80,000 Asians(mostly from India) were expelled from the nation. These Asians were vital for the economy because they controlled a lot of the businesses in the nation, and when they were forced to leave, the businesses were mismanaged. This led to a huge economic crisis.

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When terrorists hijacked an Air France flight from Israel to Paris on June 27, 1976, he actually welcomed them into the nation and supplied them with weapons. He was pretty upset when Israelis raided Entebbe airport and killed the terrorists. He decided that it must have been those Kenyan’s fault! So he killed hundreds of Kenyans. Overall, around 300,000 people died in his reign.

After a while, his army created a mutiny which led to his exile to Saudi Arabia where he died from organ failure. Amazing thing: His reign only lasted 8 years.

Moral of the story: His Excellency President for Life, Field Marshal Alhaji Dr. Idi Amin Dada, VC, DSO, MC, CBE was a pretty bad guy.

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