That Time a Man Survived an 18-Inch Drill That Penetrated His Head

Image result for Man Survives 18-Inch Drill Bit in Head

This Photo might seem photoshoped or edited, but no, it actually happened! An 18 inch drill went through Ron Hunt’s right eye and through his skull.

The story starts in 2003,  California construction worker Ron Hunt was working a spot that required him to balance on a ladder with a massive 18 inch drill. The ladder broke and well he fell. Luckily his fall was cushioned, but unluckily it was cushioned by his big ass drill. It entered his right eye-socket and then exited his skull. In on one side, out of the other!

Everyone started freaking out, and his coworkers drove him to the hospital. When the doctors saw it at first they were shocked. After trying to figure out what to do, they eventually just decided to unscrew the drill. So slowly they unscrewed the frickin’ thing right outta the head!

“We would have cut it off, but after a few minutes of drilling, we noticed that it was loose. And so we just put down our blade and twisted the bit” — Dr. Paul Ludlow, the surgeon who performed the operation.

Luckily the drill didn’t penetrate the brain and actually pushed his brain aside. This led to him surviving the accident. Despite loosing an eye, he’s incredibly lucky for not loosing his life. Its a miraculous story of someone who survived a 18-Inch Drill going straight through his head.

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