Top 3 Easy Legit Ways to Make Money Online

1. Post on forum for money here

Simply Post on this forum related to money and you get paid. It has to be the easiest way to make money online. And the great thing is that the minimum payout is only $1! Check it out here


2. Do surveys and watching videos at SwagBucks

I wrote an article on SwagBucks before here if you want to check it out. I’ve gone through alot of survey sites and this has to be the best. This is a highly profitable method that can earn you hundreds of dollars a month.


3. SlideJoy

Make a passive income of about $4-5 a month by allowing a slide-able ad before your phone’s lock screen. Its simple and easy, and i’v personally taken away roughly $20 in the short time using it. Obviously your not gonna make as much money as the other ideas on this list, but it’s basically free money. Click here for app!

Image result for slidejoy




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