Has Mozilla Firefox caught up with Chrome?

The choice of web browser is vital for how fast and secure you browse the internet. Most of us grew up with Internet Explorer and ended up changing to Chrome because of how slow Internet Explorer was and how fast Chrome was. And hence the memes:
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And so Google Chrome went from zero to number one in the browsing rankings. But one internet browser that most have never even thought of using is Mozilla Firefox. Its stayed a underdog for the past 15 years. And while Firefox has always been weaker than Chrome, it’s new update –“Firefox Quantum”– has pushed it ahead of all the competition including Chrome.
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Firefox Quantum or version 57 is twice the speed of the previous FireFox according to the Speedometer 2.0 benchmark. Still, Firefox is right at around Chrome in speed. Many studies have been done with some putting Firefox on top while others put Chrome on top, but overall the difference is very little.
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What really makes the new Firefox better than chrome is that it uses 30% less memory space on your computer because of a new multiprocessing technology. It means less battery usage, and could make your computer run faster. You can open more tabs and play 3D games you couldn’t play on Chrome.
So should you switch to Firefox? With very little difference in speed the only major difference in performance comes from memory which Firefox wins without question. In terms of performance Firefox is the obvious winner. And so the only thing that may keep you away from Firefox is design. Chrome and Firefox are both very similar and don’t have much separating the two. And if you don’t like something about the design of either, both are highly customizable.
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