Top Movies Coming Out 2018

Alright, so as most of you know, online movie critics are s***! And every “top best movies of 2018” list should be remained “top worst movies of 2018.” So I decided to make my list of movies you’ll actually want to see!

The Incredibles 2

We’re starting off strong with one of the most anticipated movies of the 2018. The original Incredibles movie made 14 years ago was a childhood favorite for many. Its tease trailer set records by becoming most watched teaser in history. If you haven’t seen the original check it out here:  ($2.99)


Probably the most action packed movies coming 2018. This movie is really insane, think about a more action packed Wolf of Wall Street movie. The trailer speaks for itself…

The Current War

Usually these historical movies turn out boring, with the occasional exception. This appears to be an exception! It follows the current war between Thomas Edison, George Westinghouse, J.P Morgan, and Nikola Tesla. The war between AC current and DC current.

Tomb Raider

Many of us remember the 90’s and early 2000’s game Tomb Raider which is about Lara Croft traveling around the world in search of forgotten artifacts and locations. Now in 2018 a movie was created about the iconic game. The movie is similar to the famous Indiana Jones movie series as you’ll see in the movie trailer below…

Father Figures

Truth be told, the only reason this movie is up here is because of Owen Wilson. The movie is about 2 brothers who look for their real father. Their adventure is led by a list of people that might be their dad. The movie trailer isn’t great, but it may be worthy to visit the theater just for Owen Wilson.

Mission Impossible 6

The Mission Impossible movies have always been a favorite among movie watchers. Here’s the trailer for the upcoming movie. Mission Impossible on Amazon:


Blockers is probably one of the best(and craziest) comedies coming out in 2018. Basically the movies about parents trying to cock block their children! Check out the trailer:


So this is my list of the top 7 movies coming out in 2018. Tell me what you think by commenting down below!


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